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Espire. An innovative brand… An expression of high quality and great pleasure for the new generation…

The beautiful, bold seashell-like curves of Inspiral move in a patented, revolutionary spiral technology at its head, creates a "spiral-action" which brings ultimate twisting pleasure.

Unlike conventional condoms that try to achieve extreme thinness, the Inspiral condoms are designed to be thicker to create extra pleasure.

The condoms are designed to fit the Asian male size. The folds and ridges of the 'oversized baggy' head of Espire condoms results in greater sensitivity for both males and females.


Double Spiral
One spring design with wider pitch starting at the closed end encircling condom shaft once

Mode of Action
Smooth rubbing action around the penis and stimulation to vagina forming multiple folds on top of erect penis

2 Spring designs starting at the closed end on opposite sides and end at the shaft.

Mode of Action
Sustained rubbing effect to the vagina and the glans penis during intercourse
2 Concert spirals laid in sequence

Mode of Action
Pronounced and sustained rubbing and sliding action to the penis and vagina during intercourse


Espire 003j condom espire diagram Espire Hotcap condom
003j   Hotcap

003j is made in Japan with unique jelly lubricant. For latex condom, 0.03mm is the thinnest in the market. Unlike conventional condoms, 003j has 2 types of lubricant formulated for male and female users. Refer to diagram.


Hotcap has similar jelly technology as 003j except the lubricant has warming sensation. The warmth gives a body-like and natural pleasure. Based on survey conducted in Japan, 92% of the lady users like the natural comfort.
Warm Jelly   Magner Magnetic Plaster
Warm Jelly   Magner Magnetic Plaster
This is the same lubricant used in Hotcap but stored in 2 unique tubes. The tubes are handy and discreet. It is designed to apply directly on the body without dirtying the fingers.
Magner is able to provide relief for muscle ache or joint pain overnight. Unlike convention plasters, Magner has no smell, can last up to 3 days and discreet in size. It is water resistant and can be worn during shower.

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